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If we sat over coffee and shared some stories, you would soon get it—that I love filmmaking, photography, design thinking, technology, and story. I love mixing all these things together as I work with other filmmakers, designers, engineers, developers, and business leaders to create forward-thinking, user-centered solutions.

If you spotted me in the wild you would most likely find me driving towards some über-efficient or creative way to take an idea and fuse it with the appropriate medium and technology—and then film and edit a story about it.

On any given week, I tend to morph; design thinking with coffee in the morning, while working out some user-centric solution for a new global application for lunch, and then a nightcap with some photography or directing cinematography on a web series or documentary, then finally dozing off after a late night edit.

This analog/digital hybrid life makes for some pretty cool days amongst some pretty tight schedules at times—but it all works out. If I learned anything from lots of deadlines tied together over the years, it's how to remain calm, clear and collective, and how to snatch the pebble. It's been a long road to here that's given me some pretty good wisdom for the rest of the way in this creative life—and here's the truth, I still deeply enjoy what I do—spray some of that mojo in your morning coffee.
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