Who is this Voxavila?

David “Vox” Avila

Sr. Product Design Lead, Media Producer, Lead Storyteller
IBM Design Stories Team, IBM

So, there is design and there is technology—art and science, analog and digital— this is pretty much the world I live in. Ever since I got my first experience of pushing pixels around, my pencil and mouse were hooked, connected, wired and tethered.

If we sat over coffee and shared some stories, you would soon get it—that I love design and design thinking, technology, art, photography, film and story—in a healthy-obsessed way. I love mixing all these things together, looking for the right combinations.

If you spotted me in the wild you would most likely find me reading, learning, tweaking or trying out some new gadget, with mad intentionality, driving towards some über-efficient or creative way to take an idea and fuse it with the appropriate medium and technology—and probably write and shoot a story about it.

On any given week, I do tend to morph; design thinking with coffee in the morning, while working out some user-experience for a new global application or interactive web-based presentation for lunch, and then a night cap with some photography and directing cinematography on a short doc, or dozing off on a late night edit.

Oh, yeah, did I mention—I have also been teaching visual communication design, writing curriculum and mentoring students for over 16yrs on the side.

It’s an analog/digital hybrid life that makes for some pretty cool days amongst some pretty tight schedules at times—it works out. If I learned anything from lots of deadlines tied together over the years, it’s how to remain calm, clear and collective. Sure, like young Kung Fu, I eventually learned how to snatch the pebble, but it’s been the road to here, from there, that’s given my some pretty good wisdom for the rest of the way in this creative life—and here’s the truth, I still deeply enjoy what I do—spray some of that mojo on your pancakes… this amp goes to 11.